Our main fields of application are :


In the process of clarification and stabilization of the wine industry using various types of filter elements . Thus, media filters are usually installed closed modules or filters depth for colloidal matter retention and prevent premature clogging of filters for final filtration membrane . Are very common closed filters filtration surface acting as safety filters absolute retention of yeast and bacteria



At present the use of filter sheets is limited only to small installations . Large producers are inclined by filtering large volumes through candle filters . String Wound or pleated filter cartridges are common to output to land for retention diatomaceous leaks . In other parts of the plant are also usually located safety filters for retaining yeasts



Normally used depth filtration media ( sheets or modules). It prioritizes cleanliness and brightness of the final product



In the case of no use liquid sugar syrup is filtered through filter presses . They are also used Melt Blown Cartridges for filtering the water used in the production process



Retention before bottling acetic bacteria requires the use of filter cartridges 1 micron and 0.6 micron . Filter sheets are also used as clarifying and sterile cartridge prefiltration



It combines the use of membranes in pleated PES 0.2 micron prefilter and 0.45 micron pleated polypropylene . In the event that the water is full of material in suspension or colloidal material is recommended to use closed filters with depth filter modules to extend the life of the cartridges and ensure perfect retention of colloidal materials

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It usually filter out some apple juice through filter sheets or using tangential filtration equipment . Orange juices and others requiring pulp for presentation are not filtered or by sheets or by filter cartridges

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