Edible Oils

During the extraction of seed oil with solvents or by mechanical systems, impurities should be produced . Such particles need to be retained to ensure a good quality of end product. This type of filtration ensures a perfect production from a nutritional and organoleptic . The impurities commonly found in oils can be divided into 3 groups:

  • Suspended solids
  • Colloidal Material
  • Emulsion products (water, solvents ... )

In oil refining can be removed some of these impurities and most of free fatty acids. The use of filter papers may appear in different parts of the plant by their use on filter presses .

In the filtration of olive oils can also use filter sheets manufactured with a composition of cellulose and diatomaceous earth (quality A-5) . This is recommended as a final filtration to water retention or suspended for particle retention diatoms that may pass from the cake after earth filter process.

We recommend C90 qualities ,C150 and C180 for fabric protection in filter presses .In the filtration of olive pulp paper we suggest SM350 or SM450 filter and filter sheets quality A-5.

aceite alimentarios
Filter press at seed edible oil factory
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Filter press. Filter Cloth
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Filter press. The filter paper over the filter cloth
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Filter press. Closing the frames
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Filter press. Filtration of seeds oil