Filter Papers

papel filtro Dorsan Filtration , SL offers a wide range of Filter Papers to their customers. In grammages between 60-700 g/m2 and with thicknesses ranging from 0.15 mm to 1.7 mm.

Our application fields cover Food & Beverages, Chem-Pharma, Electroplating ...

Disponemos de papeles filtrantes especialmente resistentes en estado húmedo y con diferentes espesores para alargar al máximo los ciclos de filtración.

Filter papers have especially wet strength and with different thicknesses for maintaining maximum filtration cycles.

All our papers are available in reels, sheets or discs. Our extensive offering allows us to provide solutions to most commonly used formats on the market.

Our technical department studies continually improve our products in order to create the best solution to the needs of solid- liquid market. We offer our customers the opportunity to study the creation of new products based on the achievement of the objectives of filtration required

Technical characteristics